Wicken Village Street Lighting - update

What is about to happen?

The Parish is reaching the final stage of its project to install new street lighting within the village following the decisions taken at the Public Meeting on 16th October 2019.

As you are on the current Wicken electoral register the personally addressed questionnaire you will soon receive gives you the opportunity to raise any opinions or comment on how you would like to see the street lighting project completed.

You will have two weeks to return your questionnaire via a drop box at the White Lion or by email to the Wicken Clerk if preferred.


As agreed at the Public Meeting a trial light has been installed on the corner of Church Close so that residents could see how this light fitting compared to the contemporary lights, which have already been installed on the telegraph poles around the village.

The questionnaire has been designed to ensure that you can express your preference of light fitting to conclude the upgrade of the remaining nine lights.

Where can I obtain further information?

The Minutes of the Public Meeting are available on the Wicken Village Website as is the Analysis Document which formed the agenda for that meeting. Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting re Street Lighting

You can also contact the Wicken Parish Clerk (Valda Clapham) by telephone or email – details are on the questionnaire - if you cannot find the answer to your question.

What will be done with this information?

All responses will be given in confidence to an independent third party who will present a paper to the Council. These results will assist the Parish Council to assess the information and better inform them in reaching a final decision.

Any additional comments will be included without amendment, and anonymity will be strictly preserved. The disclosure of your name and address will be needed to cross-check against the electoral register.

How will residents be informed of the outcome?

The results will be published on the Wicken Village Website in advance of any Parish Council meeting to discuss the final phase of the project. This will enable Wicken residents to see on what information the decision has been based.

Residents will be able to join the meeting at which the decision is made either in person, if COVID regulations permit, or through a virtual meeting.

The final decision will be contained in the minutes of the relevant meeting.