Wicken Neighbourhood Watch

How The Scheme Works

The idea of Neighbourhood Watch is simple; the more neighbours look out for each other, the safer they feel and the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour will reduce. Although Wicken has a low crime rate, we do live in close proximity to areas of higher crime. We are also not immune to scams, doorstep callers and burglaries. The best way to create a safer neighbourhood is for all residents to know what to do if they see or hear something suspicious and to feel that it is worth doing something about it.

In Wicken itself, the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is supported by a small network of NHW contacts based around the village. There is always room for more contacts to strengthen the scheme and to fill existing vacancies. The role does not require any commitment other than to take an interest in what is happening in your street, to take time to say hello to your neighbours and to report anything suspicious to either the police or to me, whichever is easier.

Anyone who is resident in Wicken and has computer access, can register for the Northants Police Community Alert system. If you decide to register for these alerts, the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Wicken is Scheme 97. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can send your email address to Sue Oswell and she can register it for you.

The most important action you can take to help keep our village free of crime...

  • Call 999
    For a crime or incident in progress, or where someone is immediately at risk of harm, you should always dial 999.
  • Call 101 and ask for Northamptonshire Police
    This is the number that has been introduced nationally so that people don’t have to know the individual telephone number of each of the 40+ police forces.

Any information, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, could form an important part of a larger 'jigsaw' of evidence that the Police are building in a particular case or scam. The more feedback and information the police receive from residents, the better the system will be at lowering crime rates.