TADD - Volunteer Drivers still needed

Volunteer Drivers needed

TADD is a long-established local charity operating a door to door community transport service for people in our parish and across the SNC area. The service enables the elderly and disabled to attend medically related appointments and services, is affordable and helps retain independence in the absence of suitable public transport and avoid reliance on family, friends and neighbours.

This year, TADD have been actively appealing for more volunteer drivers and, whilst this has met with some success, more are still needed to enable them to meet demand and to enable them to extend the service to more users.

There are many people who rely on TADD in our parish, so if you have a little spare time and are a driver please consider volunteering to help your neighbours. You never know when you might need to use the service yourself!

Drivers need to have access to a car, be available on a fairly regular basis complete a DBS check. Mileage is reimbursed at the HMRC rate, insurance premiums are not effected and journeys are allocated weekly by mutual agreement.

To learn more about volunteering for TADD visit www.towcesterareadoor2door.com or email volunteer@towcesterareadoor2door.co.uk