MESSAGE to All WICKEN SPORTS CLUB USERS about the Coronavirus position

As of last week the Football Association started to issue instructions for fixtures across various leagues (professional and amateur) - the messages coming from this have not necessarily been consistent and we, like other organisations, have found ourselves unclear of the response required. Other sporting, educational and social organisations are issuing similar instructions. We have Club users voluntarily stopping activities and others asking what should we be doing? It is not just about the risk of holding an individual event or activity, with the consequent possible exposure at that event; it is also about the potential risk to other users who may come into the facilities after for other events or for Club maintenance. We have a number of events taking place in the Wicken Sports Club, on a regular basis, that are principally attended by the more "at risk" categories to the Coronavirus. What does seem to be clear, is that the situation is going to worsen before it gets better and the Government is starting to tighten restrictions further and there is likely to be more to come.

The Management Committee feel it is difficult to rationalise different approaches to different organisations when we are dealing with such an unknown quantity as Coronavirus. We believe we need to provide clarity, and to that end, we have decided that the Wicken Sports Club will be closed to all for the immediate future. We will of course monitor the situation and bring the Club back into service as soon as we possibly can. We understand this is an upset to people’s lives and activities; it is not an action we wish to take, but one we believe we must.

Thanks to Everyone for their Cooperation