Voluntary Drivers urgently needed in Wicken and surrounding villages

TADD is a long-established local charity operating a door to door community transport service for the people in the SNC area. The service enables members to attend medically related appointments and services, is affordable and allows them to retain independence in the absence of suitable public transport and avoid reliance on family, friends and neighbours.

For the first time in over 30 years, the charity has a waiting list of over 100 for membership due to a shortage of volunteer drivers. There are a number of areas and villages in the TADD catchment area, including Wicken and surrounding villages where we have a shortage of drivers, which means we have to use drivers from much further afield. This goes against the principle and cost effectiveness of volunteering to support one’s local community

Drivers need to have access to a car, be available on a fairly regular basis for a minimum of half a day a week and complete a DBS check. Mileage is reimbursed at the HMRC rate, insurance premiums are not affected and journeys are allocated weekly by mutual agreement.

To learn more about volunteering for TADD visit www.towcesterareadoor2door.com or email volunteer@towcesterareadoor2door.co.uk