Update re Wicken streetlights

Update re Wicken streetlights

The thirteen contemporary lights in the first phase of this project have now been fully installed and are operational.

The installation delay occurred because the lamp fixtures were caught under lockdown at the manufacturing plant in France but, as that began to ease, it was possible to get them delivered to EON.

The 13 contemporary lamp installation was completed on Saturday 20th June and each lamp had to “learn” over several day/night cycles so that it could shut the lights off between midnight and 0600, as requested by the majority of residents at the public meeting on the 16th October 2019.

The Parish Council has conducted a walk-round to check whether any lights require physical adjustment to ensure they are lighting the road and pavement only. Each light can be adjusted by plus or minus 10 degrees as part of its design. This remedial work is expected to take place in the week commencing 13th July.

Many unsolicited comments have been received so far about the unobtrusive design as well as the “subtle” and “mellow” light they give off. The selection of the warmer colour, 2200 Kelvin, means that it has beneficial effects on human circadian cycles as well as benefitting local wildlife without compromising the amount of light given off.

Residents of the village would have also noticed that the “trial” heritage lantern has also been erected on the corner of St John’s Lane and Church Close. Although this has happened much later than originally intended again because of COVID, there will now be a period of assessment of the performance of this light against the criteria which were agreed at the public meeting. It will remain in place to permit anyone who wishes to have an opportunity to view it in daylight and at night. Please note that although we requested the same colour temperature for the trial this may not be the case. The Council have agreed on a uniform colour temperature throughout the scheme.

This time of year, with the long hours of daylight is not the best time to assess the performance of the trial light so the Parish Council has decided to wait until the autumn to achieve this. There will be prompts for further feedback from residents through a combination of the Wicken News, the Wicken Website, a flyer and social media.

However, if you have any comments or observations you would like to share then please contact the Parish Council lead on the streetlight installation, Alan Cartwright, on the contact details below:

Address; 28 Leckhampstead Road, Wicken, MK19 6BY

Tel; 01908 564003

Email; alan.cartwright@alcris.co.uk