Thrive West Northants Big Conversation

Give your views and ideas on how we shape services and support communities to help West Northants thrive

Extract from West Northants website Big Conversation

"We are holding a big conversation for everyone who lives and works across our area to make sure we are working on the things that really make a difference for our communities. We know you will have lots of brilliant ideas on how we make our area a place where everyone can thrive, and it’s really important for you to tell us what matters most to you.

Together we will agree what we need to improve and focus on, thinking about future sustainability of West Northants, the shaping of joined-up local services for your area and setting out what we expect from each other. We will use all the feedback to help shape how we, at West Northants Council engage, involve and interact with local people and communities.

The Big Conversation will be open for three weeks and we encourage everyone living and working in West Northants to join in. The conversation will be open 24/7 and is completely anonymous.

We want to work together to make West Northants a great place to live, work, visit and thrive.

The conversation will be open until Tuesday 22 March 2022."