Planning application - Mount Mill Farm

Consultation letters are not being sent direct to neighbouring properties as a result of COVID - 19 and notification will instead be through a site notice. To assist residents applications will also be included on this website.


Determination as to whether prior approval is required (under Class R of Part 3 of the above Order) for the change of use of (an) agricultural building(s) to a flexible use falling within Class A1 (shops), Class A2 (financial and professional services), Class A3 (restaurants and cafes), Class B1 (business), Class B8 (storage or distribution), Class C1 (hotels) or Class D2 (assembly and leisure) in respect of: the transport and highways impacts of the development; noise impacts of the development, contamination risks on the site and flooding risks on the site.

Agricultural Building Mount Mill Farm Stratford Road Wicken MK19 6DG

This is a consultation on the above proposal. If you have any comments to make, please make them by 2 June 2020.

If you need more time you should contact us no later than 2 June 2020. We can only grant more time in exceptional circumstances and we would need your reasons for the request, together with a firm date by which we will have received your comments.

Copies of the application, plans and other documents submitted with it are available to view on the Online Planning Register on the Council’s website using the link below - this will also tell you the current status of the application together with other useful information, including the reason for this consultation (on the ‘Consultee’ tab under the ‘Constraints List’):