Get Up and Go

Have you recently suffered a fall in which you’ve hurt yourself? Are you struggling

to complete your day-to-day routines? Are you struggling with your balance?

The Get Up & Go Programme from First for Wellbeing and Northamptonshire Sport

is a strength and balance exercise programme that is designed to support people

in developing core strength and balance to support day-to-day routines.

The programme is evidence based to reduce the risk of suffering a fall, increase

stamina, improve mood, reduce social isolation and promote independence.

There are currently 30 classes running across the county and a full list of where

they are available can be found at:

If you’d like to run a session locally, we have a range of instructors across the

county who could support the development of a class to a local audience.

To make an enquiry you can contact Fraser Lodge from Northamptonshire Sport

at or 07912 891993.