Parish Council Meeting - March 2018

Date: 7th March, 2018 - 19:00
The Sports Club

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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

13/18 Attendance and apologies; To receive and accept any apologies. Cllr. Philip Ivens – Chairman

Cllr. Celina Francklin, Cllr. Richard Forman, Cllr. Alan Cartwright, Cllr Andrew Edmondson Cllr Marcus Rixon

Cllr Ian Howett – apologies received
District Cllr. Dennis Loveland – apologies received County & District Cllr. Allen Walker – apologies received Sally Willis - Clerk
1 member of public

14/18 Members Interests; Members are invited to declare disclosable pecuniary interests and other interests in items on the agenda as required by the Wicken Parish Council Code of Conduct to Members and by the Localism Act 2011.

None to declare

15/18 Public Forum

No comments from the member of the public
16/18 Approval of Minutes; To agree the minutes from the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at the Village

Hall on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 Minutes signed. Resolved.

Cllr A Edmondson joins the meeting 17/18 Finance.

a) To receive and approve accounts

Sports and Play Consulting Ltd
Wicken Conservation Society

Mrs S Willis Mrs S Willis AH Contracts AH Contracts EON


CN Details
733 Play area consultancy

734 Newsletter grant
735 Clerk February
736 Clerk March
737 Bin Emptying
738 Bin Emptying
379 Street lighting power
380 Tax/NI 12.60 0.00

Total 2050.49 35.12

Amount VAT

1050.00 0.00

200.00 0.00 160.16 0.00 160.16 0.00

64.80 10.80

43.20 7.20 359.57 17.12

RESOLVED: Accounts approved and signed

b) ToreceivepaymentsandreceiptstoendFebruary

Accounts forwarded. Approved.

18/18 To receive update from Solar Farm Committee and approve next steps

There has been a lot of work on the website and there is a stakeholders meeting on 17 March which the clerk will be attending.

Street lights are a complex issue. This is to be discussed in more detail under item 19 below.

Village Maintenance. There was a discussion about whether this is value for money. Recommendation is that £2000 is put aside next year to continue this service. Councillors wished to see more detail of the brief and also to ensure that this didn’t include work already done by SNC or NCC. Decision delayed until next meeting when more information is known.

Cricket club had asked for £3000 as a match funding for a new all weather wicket. This was approved.

It was discussed that ongoing there needs to be a longer term plan for the funds. Some projects we are aware of are now of larger value and may take a couple of years to investigate or wait until funds are available. Whilst the yearly look at projects and applications should continue there needs to be flexibility for projects that may come forward in between this. There needs to be a system of prioritizing projects.

19/18 To receive update on Street Lighting and approve next steps

The more that this is looked at the more complex the issue is. There is a request for up to £500 to have an initial discussion with a consultant who would be able to advise type and style of lights for the village.
What is right for one village may not be right for Wicken. Whatever is decided we need to be consistent. It was approved to allow up to £500 for an initial consultation. Resolved.

Clerk advised of notice from EON with regards to a post that had been reported as not working. This needs more work than replacement bulb. It was thought that it would be best to leave this until a plan for changing lights has been approved.

Clerk also advised of letter from EON advising of price increase for electricity to posts. Clerk to look for other options and possible joining with Deanshanger.

20/18 To receive update on Play Equipment and approve next steps

Previous quote from Wicksteed for updating current equipment and for new items was £28,000. Guided by the consultant Wicksteed, Proludic and Kompan were approached. Kompan were not interested so Sutcliffe were invited to quote. After looking at the aesthetics, materials and quality it is proposed that the quote from Proludic is accepted, on condition that funding from New Homes Bonus Fund is secured. Total is £26,000, with £20,000 to come from New Homes Bonus Fund. Rest may be topped up from Solar Farm Fund or from other grants. Resolved.

We will not hear about Grant application until April. Proludic to be contacted to say that we would like to go ahead dependent on funding.

Cllr Edmonson was thanked for his work on the project

Member of the public leaves

21/18 To consider response to South Northants Planning department regarding Planning approval given to S/2017/2623/FUL Proposed 2 Storey, 3 bedroom House, Land north of 1 Quarry Green Close.

Parish Council had objected to the application on many grounds. It was proposed that SNC are contacted asking for more information on details for approval and to ask if our comments were acknowledged.

Clerk noted that the decision notice has lots of conditions and should work start this could be monitored to ensure it is being followed.

22/18 To consider response to planning application S/2018/0346/LBC New partition wall to create additional bedroom The Old School, 12 Cross Tree Road

There were no objections to the application. Resolved

23/18 To Receive update from the Church PCC

Update was given on wall repairs and maintenance. There are repairs being made to the vestry, and a sound system has been installed.

Proposals to update heating system have changed, and they are now looking to replace the storage system heaters which will mean ongoing costs should remain similar rather than increasing. This is also cheaper than the original quotes by almost half. This is currently awaiting approval by the diocese. They would request £10,000 from the solar farm fund for help towards this. This would need to be considered against other projects.

24/18 To consider and approve date of Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council meeting

Clerk advised that she would not be able to attend planned meeting on 2nd May. It was proposed that meeting be moved to 3rd or 10th May, availability of room to be confirmed.

25/18 To receive Village Hall Finances

2 months rent has been received, but still 6 months behind. Pheonix are open to idea of Standing order. It was proposed that this is more than monthly amount to catch up.
26/18 To receive updates on outstanding items and to consider items for next meeting

Cllr Allen Walker had sent information advising that the bus service will be finishing at the end of the current contract. Some village are looking at putting together to provide a service from parish funds. It was thought that the bus is not used enough in Wicken but we should look to check that vulnerable people do have access to transport if needed.

The dog bin by the entrance to the sports club is always well used and it was proposed we request for another to be added.

The conservation society are looking at revising their ethos and how they operate. When decided they will update the council.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm