Wicken Conservation Society

Past projects

Project Outcome
Bench in Cross Tree Road Commissioning the construction of a circular bench in Cross Tree Road.
Old Photographs of Wicken Book published by Jonathan Gudgeon (2009)
St John’s Church Clock Fund raising and organising the restoration of the clock dial and re-balancing the hands and dial works.
Road Finger Posts Painting signs and posts and refurbishing the Willow Bridge railings.
Church Tower Restoration Producing and selling Christmas cards in aid of the restoration fund.
Footpaths Waymarking of the village footpaths.
Bridge Date Stone Organising and fund raising for the restoration of the 1840 date stone on the Leckhampstead Road bridge.
Gospel Elm Fund raising and organising the repairs to the Gospel Elm site.
Village Pound Contributing to the repair of the Pound.
Churchyard Provision of Yew trees to fill gaps in the churchyard hedge.
Footpath Stile Repair of the footpath stile.
Village Green Planting and maintenance of shrubs on the village green.
Telephone box Lobbying for maintenance of the telephone box and repair of stone walls.
Church Cobble Path Co-organising the repair of the church path.
Notice Board Provision of a second village notice board.
Grants Co-ordinating Environmental Enhancement Grants from SNDC.
A Little History of Wicken Production of a history of the village and its people from Saxon times to the present day.
Bulb Planting Continuing annual bulb planting to enhance village verges.
Millennium Photographic Record Organising a photographic record of each household in the villag at the Millennium.
Village Archive on CDROM Production of a CDROM containing photographic, written and aural records of Wicken through the ages
British Legion Seat Refurbishment of the seat at the village entrance.
Walking map A map showing the footpaths around the village and places of interest
DVD - Medieval Wicken A description of the finds made in Wicken during 2004 - 2005
Wild Flower Planting A programme of planting on specific sites in the village

Village Archive

The Conservation Society maintains the Village Archive: Collecting maps, news cuttings photographs and other artefacts. Recording oral histories and personal memories of the village. Conserving old village photographs. Documenting important village features, such as; old paths, sundial, church tower pinnacles, Wicken Estate gates and picket fences.

Involvement in Local Planning

Monitoring and responding to planning applications submitted to SNDC.
Commenting on conservation issues and making representations at Planning Committee meetings. Submitting advice, comments and information on Wicken Conservation Area and the Wicken Character Statement.