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From the 25th May 2012 all websites must explain to individuals visiting their site whether they use "cookies" to store information on the individual's computer. An option must be provided to opt in or out of cookies. However, the user can control their cookies through their browser settings.

Cookies are small pieces of text which help websites recognise previous visitors and to remember passwords to enter parts of the site. There are other types of cookie which allow the website to track activity both whilst on the website and also in other websites after you have left.

The Wicken website has no need to collect information on anyone visiting the site so we only use session cookies, which are deleted at the end of the session, if you choose to view the Wicken Forum as a guest and persistent cookies if you choose to ask the password to be remembered .

You can also delete all board cookies with the link at the bottom of the front page of the Forum

The cookie files are called :




The Wicken website does not use the following types of cookie :

social cookie

third party cookie

advertising cookies

flash cookies

marketing cookies

You can obtain more information on cookies through the Interactive Advertising Bureau

In order to opt in or out, you can set your cookie preferences within your browser by following these links

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