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A definitive map of the local footpaths in the Parish is now held by the the Parish Council and can be viewed by making an appointment with the Parish Clerk. Copies of the map may not be made.

A mobile library visits the village alternate Wednesdays between 1.30 and 2.00 p.m. It can be found parked close to the children's playground on St Johns Lane

Northamptonshire County Council wish to increase the number of transactions handled via online rather than by telephone. A list is given below of just some of the most commony used services which can be accessed online.
Northamptonshire County Council Online services
Street Doctor - Report a highway problem Click Here
Free childcare for 2 year olds - check your eligibility Click Here
School Admissions - Apply for a primary or secondary school place Click Here
Free School meals - check and apply online Click Here
Adult Learning - search, book and pay for courses online Click Here
Safeguarding adults - report a concern Click Here
Registrations - book an appointment to register a birth, death or marriage Click Here
Copy certificates - apply online Click Here
Blue Badge - Apply for or renew your badge Click Here
Bus Pass - apply for or renew your senior citizen bus pass Click Here
Parking Fines - pay for your fine online Click Here
Libraries - renew your book online Click Here
Consultations - give feedback Click Here
Jobs online - search and apply online Click Here